Heating & Air Conditioning Services in American Fork, UT

Our specialists at Mac Plumbing will maximize your systems efficiency, and help prepare your system for every season.

Have our certified HVAC Technicians help you select the system that works for you and your family.

System Installation from clean-cut, trustworthy guys you don’t mind having in your home.

Maintenance from skilled technicians that know how to maximize efficiency and prolong the life of your systems.

With over 18 years of troubleshooting experience in the industry, we have experienced every problem and can find a cost effective solution for you.

Enjoy Ideal Temperatures

During the scorching summers and icy winters along the Wasatch front, you come to depend on a reliable heating and air conditioning system. We specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing heating and cooling systems to make sure your home stays comfortable all year round.


With summer temperatures along the Wasatch Front rising on average to 92° F, it is critical to have a reliable way of cooling your home. At Mac Plumbing, we love helping our customers get the refreshing air conditioning system they need—or fix their old one. Our technicians are available to help you choose, install, and/or repair your appliance so it’s ready to take on the summer heat.


The frigid ice and snow of a Utah County winter can be a mean wake-up call if you don’t have a properly working furnace. Make sure that your home remains warm and cozy with our range of heating units. Our technicians will help you choose the heating appliance that best meets your needs. We can also help you with installation, maintenance, and repairs.