Plumbing Home Inspection in Utah

Are you getting ready to buy a house?  Or are you curious about your own home and want to see how everything is looking?  At MAC Plumbing and Softwater we can give you a full, whole home visual inspection of your plumbing system.  What does this mean?  We will walk through the house and turn on all the faucets (hot and cold), flush toilets, and make sure the water heater turns on.


Our inspections also include turning main water lines on and off, checking the proper functions, and checking emergency shutoff valves under sinks and toilets.  This is a free service we like to offer to our customers.


We also offer more in depth inspections if needed.  A video camera sewer inspection is a good option if you’re having problems with your systems such as continual backups despite the lines having been cleared.  The camera will allow us to get a better view of a possible underlying problem.


Another great inspection that we offer is a water heater diagnostics test.  This is something you should consider if you are not getting enough hot water at home or if you experience fluctuating temperatures with your hot water.